Anaheim Fire & Rescue    Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Luau
   Spring Fling & Demo Day   Orange Chamber of Com. Mixer
Christmas Santa Fun

Photo Album 

14893 East Ball Road, Anaheim, California 92806           (714) 630-7888

The Islands Golf Center celebrations have spanned every season.
Here are some photos from our album.  
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Anaheim Fire1.jpg Anaheim Fire2.jpg Anaheim Fire3.jpg Anaheim COC Luau1.jpg Anaheim COC Luau2.jpg

 Anh Fire Rescue1

 Anh Fire Rescue2

 Anh Fire Rescue3

 Anh COC Luau1

 Anh COC Luau2

Anaheim COC Luau3.jpg Anaheim COC Luau4.jpg Anaheim COC Luau5.jpg Anaheim COC Luau6.jpg Anaheim COC Luau7.jpg

 Anh COC Luau3

 Anh COC Luau4

 Anh COC Luau5

 Anh COC Luau6

 Anh COC Luau7

Spring Fling1.jpg Spring Fling2.jpg Spring Fling3.jpg Spring Fling4.jpg Spring Fling5.jpg

 Spring Fling1

 Spring Fling2

 Spring Fling3

 Spring Fling4

 Spring Fling5

Spring Fling6.jpg Spring Fling7.jpg Spring Fling8.jpg Spring Fling9.jpg Spring Fling10.jpg

 Spring Fling6

 Spring Fling7

 Spring Fling8

 Spring Fling9

 Spring Fling10

Orange COC Mixer1.jpg Orange COC Mixer2.jpg Orange COC Mixer3.jpg Christmas1.jpg Christmas2.jpg

 Orange Mixer1

 Orange Mixer2

 Orange  Mixer3



Christmas3.jpg Christmas4.jpg Christmas5.jpg